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Name of Daycare Center Location Number of Enrollees (2012)
1 Alegria Day Care Center  Alegria,Cordova,Cebu  40 
2 Bangbang Day Care Center  Bangbang, Cordova,Cebu  72 
Buagsong Day Care Center  Buagsong, Cordova, Cebu  45 
4 Catarman Day Care Center Catarman, Cordova, Cebu 49
Cogon Day Care Center  Cogon, Cordova, Cebu  65 
Dapitan Day Care Center  Dapitan, Cordova, Cebu  74 
Day-as Day Care Center  Day-as, Cordova, Cebu  64 
Gabi Day Care Center  Gabi, Cordova, Cebu  63 
Gilutongan Day Care Center  Gilutongan, Cordova, Cebu  45 
10  Ibabao -Sun-ok Day Care Center  Ibabao, Cordova, Cebu  66 
11  Ibabao - Bliss Day Care Center  Ibabao,  Cordova, Cebu  100 
12 Pilipog Day Care Center  Pilipog, Cordova, Cebu  60 
13 Poblacion Day Care Center  Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu  89 
14  San Miguel Day Care Center   San Miguel, Cordova, Cebu 65 


Socio-Economic Profile Statistical Data


Description 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Social Services Sector
C. Housing 
    No.of Households/Barangay
    Alegria  532 557 585  454  575  599  545 
    Bangbang 528  556   585 831  865  901  996 
    Buagsong 529  556  584  609   670 698  784 
    Catarman 659  693  729  856  748  780  868 
    Cogon 485  509 534  496  517  539  527 
    Dapitan   543  579  618  611  599  624  639 
    Day-as  680  720  762  693  723  754  843 
    Ibabao  944  1001  1061  1,286  1,390  1,448  1,777 
    Gabi  586  622  660  668  696  725  758 
    Gilutongan  271  286  302  273  288  301  290 
    Pilipog  601  633  667  726  728  759  841 
    Poblacion 1,661  1,746  1,835  1,729  1,721  1,793  1,576 
    San Miguel 474  503  534  555  551  574  613 

Socio - Economic Profile Statistical Data

Description 2006 2007 2008 2012
II.Infrastructure Sector 
A. Transportation

    Type of Transportation Facilities

    present in the locality 

V-Hire, Multi-cabs,

Jeepneys, Tricycles,Trisikads 

B. Communication

    Types of communication

    services present in locality 

Telephone (Landlines, Wireless,)

Mobile Phones, Post/Mailing Office 

    Number of communication 

    installed in the locality (please

    indicate the barangay where 

    cellsite is located)

 3  4   4   Poblacion (3), Gabi (1)

    Number of Households with

    television sets

C.Government Centers

   Number of Barangay Halls

13  13  13  All barangays have barangay halls 

   Existence of Multi-Purpose Bldgs.

Located in Poblacion, the Multi-Purpose

Hall housed the ABC Office. 

   Existence of Women/Senior Citizen's


There is none of the moment but a Senior

Citizen's Center will be constructed soon. 

   Existence of multi-purpose gymnasium

13  13  13 

All barangays have barangay halls have


D.Playground Parks 

   Existence of playgrounds/parks (please

   indicate the barangay where it is located)

The figure excludes the playgrounds located

in the elementary schools. The figure only

represents the plaza owned and maintained by

the Municipality of Cordova: the Cordova Freedom

Plaza in Poblacion and the Municipal Plaza right in

front of the Municipal Hall also in Poblacion. 


2006  2007  2008  Remarks 

III. Economic Sector 

A. Market

    Existence of a public market

    Schedule of "tabo" in the public market 

    (please indicate the specific date)

Every Friday - Saturday, group of vegetable and

fruit traders from the mountain barangays of Cebu

City come to Cordova to sell their commodities. 

    Goods usually sold in the public market

    (please indicate if there are native

    delicacies in your locality or handicrafts)

Dry goods,fruits,vegetables,sea products. There is

considered no specific delicacies in Cordova, but 

the town is known for bakasi (eel, shells,and dried


    Presents of food establishments

    (carenderias) in the market


The indicated figures exclude mini-carenderias found

in the barangays inside the Cordova Public Market,and

other little eateries near the schools. 

    a. Bakeries


    Number of Bakeshops (indicate the

    name of the bakery and the barangay

    where it is located) 

Most of  the bakery establishments are located along

the Poblacion area. There is one in Bangbang,one in

Ibabao,and also one in Pilipog. 

   b. Handicrafts/Delicacies


     Livelihood projects (handicrafts)

     sponsored by the LGU, NGO, or any

     Government Agency. 

Marine culture in on-going in Barangay Bangbang

,Cordova, Cebu. The livelihood project is being

sponsored by the Bureau of Fisheries and

Aquatic Resources and managed by the

fisherfolk leaders in Bangbang. 

     Native delicacies (please state what

     particular delicacy that woul

     represent your locality e.g. Torta of


Linarang nga Bakasi of Cordova. 

   c. Poultry and Hog Raising

Not Applicable

   d.KTVs/Computer Games,etc.


   Existence of beer gardens (please

   indicate the barangay) 


   Existence of sing-along bars or KTV's

   (please indicate the Barangay)

Poblacion, Day-as,Pilipog,Buagsong,Gabi, San Miguel 

   Existence of computer cafes (please

   indicate the barangays)

Poblacion, Day-as, Ibabao 

   Existence of DVD Rental Station

   (please indicate the barangay)


   e. Beauty Parlors/Massage Parlors


   Number of beauty parlors (please

   indicate the barangay) 


   Number of massage areas (please

   indicate the barangay)

There is none in Cordova but there are individuals

who would offer home service of hilot and

reflexology services. 

   f. Cockpit Areas


   Existence of cockpit areas (please

   indicate the barangay) 

Camolinas in Poblacion. 



A.Others (please indicate other 

economic activity aside of what was

stated above.

Retailer 43 6 12
Services 3 8
Dealer  4
Home Decor/Gift Shop 
Sari-Sari Store  9 30 
Wholesale/General Merchandise  
Export/Import  13 
Refilling Station   5
Motor Parts 
Apartment  1 3
Funeral Parlors 
Lumber/Hardware   5