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Trade and Commerce 


• General Business activities gravitate towards and revolve around the town proper (Poblacion and neighboring Barangays). This place is the commercial area and is considered as the hub of business and trading activities in the municipality.


• The public market, located in Barangay Poblacion and its immediate vicinity as well as the government square comprise what could be considered as the town’s version of the “Central Business District”.


• There are actually two trading centers in the municipality. The main public market in Poblacion and the market in Barangay Pilipog, where fishers directly sell their fresh catch.


• The entire municipality has a total of one hundred fifty-one (151) commercial establishments, which is dominated by sari-sari stores by 64% with almost all barangays having these.


• The growth of commercial establishments in Cordova is gradual. There are no department stores or fast food chains in the town, and this only shows that the shopping trend or the purchasing power of the Cordova residents is low.


• Commercial services such communication, water, power, lending and banking among others are offered by the private sector. Government support comes in the form of maintenance of peace and order situation, paving of road networks and involvement of the private sector in the programs of the government.




• Generally, Cordova is not for industrial development as the impact of industries might run counter with the town’s residential and tourism atmosphere. However, there are few small-scale industries that were granted exceptions such as the Central Seafoods, Inc in Pilipog, Eupen Cable Asia in Gabi, and Solidstone Industries in Ibabao. But all in all, industries are not encouraged in Cordova.


• Mactan Stone industry, which was known in early 2000s are not discouraged and even prohibited in Cordova as the extraction of coral stones have negative impact to the environment and the community. 




• Cordova is a tourism destination. Its marine sanctuaries: Gilutongan, Nalusuan, and Poblacion-Alegria are well-known diving spots.


• Not less than ten (10) resorts and hotels in Cordova provides accommodation to local and foreign tourists. 


• Other tourists’ attractions in Cordova include the Lantaw Floating Restaurant, the Cordova Tourism Center and Day-as Boardwalk in Day-as, Cordova, Cebu and the Happy World Museum in Gabi, Cordova, Cebu. 


Agriculture and Aquaculture


• There is no really agricultural production to speak of in Cordova. It’s rocky soil condition is more suitable for urban development. However, backyard gardening of tropical fruits and vegetables thrive in Cordova although those are mostly limited for consumption rather than production. 


• In the island barangay of Gilutongan, the type of sea current makes the area appropriate for seaweed cultivation or aquaculture. Guso farming is prevalent in Gilutongan and is one of the means of living of some households. 




• The town is generally covered with grassland owing to its type of land formation. Some areas along the periphery of the island extending to a kilometer or two from the shoreline inward are identified by the Bureau of Forest Development as the town’s lowland timberland. Along these areas, mangroves and shrubs are found. 


• However, as part of the Clean and Green Program of the Government, a pocket forest is encouraged in every sitio by making it as one of the criteria in selecting the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay. The Municipal Agricultural Office also put up and maintained the municipal nursery adjacent to the Municipal Hall in order to ensure availability of seedlings.



List of Accommodation Establishments

Municipality of Cordova, Cebu, Philippines


Establishment Name Owner/Contact Person Contact Numbers               E-mail Address Complete Mailing Address No. of Rooms No. of Rooms Underconstruction
1. Alta Cebu Garden Resort and Spa

Mr. Larry Tarquinio


Ms. Cherry Ann Tarquinio


Ms. Joy Umali

6332 - 4967881 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tugbogan, Pilipog, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines



50 Rooms Starndard Deluxe Premium None
2. Cordova Reef Village Resort Benthel Resort Development Corp.

6332 - 4698050


6332 - 2381878

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bantayan, Poblacion, Cordova, Mactan Cebu, Philippines



50 Villas None
3. Island and Sun Beach Resort

Benthel Resort Development Corp.


Mr. Alexander Farrujia

(General Manager)

6332 - 4698050


6332 - 2381878

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gilutongan Island, Cordova, Mactan Cebu, Philippines



25 Rooms None
4. Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary

Atty. Democrito Mendoza/Menca Development Corp.


Mr. Heidrich Mendoza (Resort Manager)

6332 - 5166432 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nalusuan Island, Cordova, Mactan Cebu, Philippines



14 Cottages


1 Family Room


1 Presidential Suite

5. Villa Asela Resort

Dr. Asela Pacaldo Jumao-as


Mr. Efren Dente (Resort Manager)

6332 - 4967999


6332 - 5116104

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. BangBang, Cordova, Cebu 6017 15 Rooms One (1)
6. Cordova Home Village

Mdm. Edelisa Hansen


Ms. Lenie Manolong

    Catarman, Cordova, Cebu 6017

12 Rooms


Studio Type

7. Cordova Nature Park Resort Mr. Choi Doo Young

6332 - 5205466


6332 - 2395849


6332 - 4950176

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Purok 2, Gabi, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines 26 Villas 26 Rooms
8. Agila Resort and Spa Jean Lyndel Jumao-as

032 - 2688299


032 - 2688300


032 - 2688289

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Alegria, Cordova, Cebu 10 Rooms None
                                           Inventory of Roads, Municipality of Cordova, As of February 2014
  Total Lenght (in meters) Concrete (in meters)            Asphalt (in meters) Dirt (in meters)   Remarks
National Road

Gabi Tumoy - Ibabao Bridge Circumferential Road

       4,550                        4,550     For Asphalt overlay 4,000
Provincial Road
Poblacion CrossRoad - Day-as Wharf         1,600    1,600       OK
Municipal Road
Poblacion CrossRoad - Bantayan         680     680       OK
Barangay Road
Gabi Camino - Alegria Tumoy         700     500                       200     OK
Alegria Tumoy - Alegria Golden Meadow        1,100     800                       300     OK
Centennial Avenue (Alegria-Poblacion)          535          535    
Intramuros-Poblacion          500     200        300   For concreting 300m
Camolina, Poblacion         1,300    1,000                       300     OK
Plaza-Ka Tura, Poblacion (New Road)          400                         400      
Agad-agad, Poblacion          600     500                       100     OK
Calan-Puso Poblacion (Kasadya Ave.)          385     385        
Poso Poblacion - Cogon Cemetery          500                         500      
Bantayan - RORO Port, Poblacion         1,235     300        935    
Catarman          700     200                       500     OK
Cansubing - Catarman          400     300        100   For concreting 100m
Plaza - Cansubing          270          270    
Buagsong          800     800       OK
BangBang         1,800   1,000        800   For concreting 800m
BangBang - Ka Tura, Poblacion (New Road)          545          545    
Day-as - BangBang          500     500       OK
San Miguel         1,300     900       400   For concreting 400m
Pilipog          600     600       For Asphalt overlay 250m
Pilipog - Kasambagan          400                         400      
Dapitan -Centro          800     800       OK
Highway Dapitan - Cogon          600     600       OK
Cogon Proper         1,000    1,000       For Asphalt overlay 325m
Ibabao         3,200          
Highway - Ibabao Elem. School         1,300     970                       330     For Asphalt overlay 330m
Brgy. Hall - Bangkal Tumoy         1,200     400                      400      400  

For Asphalt overlay 200m


For concreting 400m

BLISS Ibabao           700     350        350  

For Asphalt overlay 280m


For concreting 35m