Physical Developments

• At the height of the Heritage Caravan, several historical structures forming part of Cordova’s landmark were discovered. Significant for being the center of Catholic Faith, the San Roque Parish Church and Convent stood up for years at the heart of the municipality –manifesting the extent of Roman Catholic dominations.

• Considered as the seat of Government is the Municipal Hall of Cordova with the Old Municipal building built sometime in 1946. 

• Surely, there is a memorable story behind the construction of the Cordova Sports Complex, which can accommodate a thousand crowd. Typhoon Ruping hit Cordova in 1991. The freight ship “Sanko Elegance”, broke loose from its mooring and hit the first Mactan-Mandaue Bridge. The incident proved to be a blessing in disguise as it was instrumental for the funding of the Cordova Sports Complex’s construction. This will be elaborated on later this work together with the story behind the Metropolitan Waterworks System extension to Cordova.

• Accommodating the commercial and trading needs of the Cordovanhons is the Cordova Public Market, which was built before World War II, renovated and improved in 2003. Another fascinating and popular physical structure in the Municipality of Cordova is the Day-as Wharf, a one-kilometer strip of road that traverses the green bushes of mangroves. Through the years, it has become a favorite strolling area for local and foreign tourists who wished to experience a close and personal encounter with nature and its elements.